At intelliblock we bring together the best of the business and are one of the few industry players who offer an end-to-end solution.


We approach each ICO as if it has been regulated already. We can provide KYC and AML elements as well as all legal consultancy.

Corporate Services

Full corporate services to run your ICO from blockchain-friendly Malta. Company incorporation, Tax & Audit & Fiduciary services.

TEROS - The ICO Platform

TEROS is a regulation-ready turnkey ICO platform which will revolutionise the industry by reducing the turn around of any ICO from around 12-18 weeks just down to a few days. This means that TEROS is more than 50% cheaper than any other available solution on the market. Each ICO runs its own instance of TEROS™ on the extremely stable and scalable cloud infrastructure. This makes it both very secure and able to handle the high-traffic demand.

We have a proven track record.

At intelliblock ICOs are one of our core product offerings. We have the experience in having worked on multiple ICOs some of which have already gone public.

Bringing together an amazing team.

We are one of the few industry providers who can offer an end-to-end solution for your ICO needs. White paper writing, legal consultancy, technical consultancy, financial consultancy, ICO specific marketing as well as ICO platforms, from programming bounty and affiliate structures to KYC and AML procedures.

Time to put your business on the chain..

Time to put your business on the chain. Initiate your ICO with intelliblock.