Intelliblock and IntexCoin announce partnership for Turkish ICO

The İzmir-based Intexglobal company has an official office in Islamabad, Pakistan at the same time. Additionally, in the third quarter of 2018, the first official Intexglobal office in Europe will be established. We also use the blockchain technology, which has been the trademark of the last decade, in Intexglobal projects. First of all, we created a cryptocurrency called Intexcoin. And then we supported our coin with projects that include many areas this coin could be used in. Therefore we laid the foundation for a large ecosystem based on the power of community.

Intexplace, is the world’s first virtual marketplace platform that’s protected by the GET System. Intexpay is a payment instrument that you can make your payments with different types of crypto money and Intexcoin on vending machines and other payment points. Marketintex is a stock market where intexcoin and other types of crypto money can be bought and sold. Intexcharity is the first charity project in which donations reach the needers directly. The Intexcharity platform will be transparent and will track the sent and received donations.

Intelliblock is very pleased to provide the Advisory, Legal and Financial services including the TEROS2.0 platform for IntexGlobal.

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